1. HerlySQR

    Transparent frame or with empty background?

    Hello, I wanna know how can I create frames with empty background because I'm using blps that it suppose they have empty background, but they appears with a black background; also make them transparent because the function BlzFrameSetAlpha and BlzFrameSetVertexColor are not working.
  2. Wayshan

    [Solved] Tiles and their weird edges (alpha channel problem)

    Hey, I have a strange problem with my tiles: Pasteboard - Uploaded Image I am really getting desperate. I followed some tutorials and played with it in Photoshop, but to no avail. I can edit them via PS, but I am not familiar with how this alpha tile and transparency works. Can someone help me...
  3. RobertMKD

    Is there a way to make illusions play animations and change color/transparency?

    I need illusions to do stuff that normal unit's can a lot in my map, but normal illusions don't, so how do I go around that?