1. Super Mario

    Changing the time indicator skin

    Hi i'm creating a custom UI for reforged and am struggling with the time indicator skin. I changed humanuitile-timeindicator.dds (moon and sun image) and imported it as UI\Console\Human\Humanuitile-Timeindicator.dds but it won't work. I changed the mask-skins to alpha-images to test what...
  2. bruunk

    [Trigger] Integer/Real Variable Size Issues

    I'm faced with an issue I didn't think possible, so I'm not sure why exactly it's occurring but this is what I have so far. My issue is involving a respawn system, where a unit dies, wait X seconds, you get the idea. However, I noticed that when I tested the respawn it worked, but when I tried...
  3. u wot m8_

    [Solved] How do i make an upgrade change a unit's creation speed?

    I have tried to find a way to make an upgrade change a unit's creation speed for a while now. Even checked the trigger editor for such option. Couldn't find anything that has to do with the unit's creation speed though. I might've not looked close enough, but does anybody know how to make an...
  4. Nortander

    [Trigger] Cyclic event

    Hi there! For a map of mine still in construction, I'd like some of the creeps to receive reinforcements everyday at midnight, if a player defeats them. I thought using the "Time is x" event would work, but it seems it only occurs on the first time the hour is midnight. Do you know how I can...
  5. Teitan

    [Spell] Help me make a bonus effect fade after an amount of time

    Hello, i made an ability that gives bonus attack damage to the hero for every enemy unit it kills, it stacks up to ten times, everything works as intended but i need to make it so it loses the effect after 10 seconds without killing an unit, here are the triggers: For the stacking part, i made...
  6. Uncle

    Animations and Casting Time

    So i'm using a "special" method to get around having to use Cast Backswing/Cast Point for Cast Animations. Instead, I set cast backswing/point to 0 and use Casting Time to mimic their effects. This will make a Unit play it's full Spell animation (or any animation you set) over the Casting Time...
  7. Ricola3D

    [Solved] Real-time timestamp for triggers ?

    Hello, I have some triggers where I'd like to have the current time elasped since the game start. I prefer real-time, not game-time (that can goes faster). Is there a simple way to get this time ? Otherwise, is there simpler than the system below ? (I arbitrary chose 0.10s as step, but it...
  8. SoooK

    [Solved] Adding many events? /Changing timer intervall?

    1. Does adding too many events slow down the game over time? I'm currently running a trigger, which is adding one new event every ~25-50 seconds. And yes, it doens't work without adding new events, despite the event being always the same. :/ 2. Is it possible to change the intervall time of an...
  9. chefchx

    Warcraft Campaign(s) Which Follows The Books' Timeline

    So this is actually my first time joining a forum and it was only triggered after I finished playing the Warcraft III RoC and TFT campaigns. I am aware that I am quite outdated since I haven't been immersed into gaming until I figured out that playing games may be a faster and more enjoyable way...
  10. mohamy

    Base Attack Time Calculator

    Hi guys. I have an Idea for max attack speed that i used 0 base attack time for my hero , then i add negative attack speed ability to my hero to attack more reality. my question is : how to calculate base attack time with negative attack speed? i mean how much negative attack speed need to...
  11. mohamy

    [Spell] Cast in all time

    hello guys. any body know the world editor has a spell to cast while silence bash or hex? does is exist?
  12. Woodenplank

    MUI and Timers...

    Hello Hive I'm planning a new spell, "Frozen Eternity" or "Time Freeze" if you wish to be less dramatic. Any way, the spell is simple enough in getting it to work (I assume)... But I can't come up with a work-around for making it MUI So any way, the idea is: Cast upon an area (based on...
  13. blancfaye7

    Insanity Attack v4.5

  14. Devine

    Hive addiction

    how addicted are you to Hive? You wont trade it for nothing? How much % of your PC time are you actively busy in the hive? (its not like you have to time it, just guess. Ull know the anwser)