texture edit

  1. coconut

    [Solved] change model color

    Change color of his clothes to yellow or multicolor for each clan color
  2. old_gil

    Can anybody help?

    I'm new pretty new to this whole thing and I'm trying to create a forest troll bat rider by changing the textures in Reteras studio. When I applied the texture in Reteras it comes out fine, but when I use it in game the skin is all black. Anybody have suggestions how to fix? Here's some...
  3. Henry_AC

    [Solved] Make the texture look weathered, burnt, or ruined, please.

    Hello everyone, could you please edit this texture of the high elf house and turn it into a "ruins" texture? Please. Similar to the night elf hut, which has these hints of being burnt down or something, I was trying to edit it in photoshop but it didn't work for me. :,D
  4. Daelinzan

    Changing standart tree texture

    Hi, i'm trying to recolor lordaeron summer tree to feat ashenvale terrain, but i can't see any changes in WE :( path: doodads\terrain\lordaerontree\lordaerontree_diffuse.dds texture attached, thanks! Problem was solved
  5. lolreported

    Minimap Icon Edit (Size Reduction)

    Hello, I'm not sure if these are textures or models that have to be edited, but I'd like to request someone to reduce the size of the icons I've marked in the image below: It might be related to the from the Game Interface in the World Editor. The larger one is the icon for a building...