stat check

  1. Peach Schnapps

    Set a variable, to another variable based off a Unit Indexer's given variable?

    So what I've done (this may be the issue, maybe I'm trying to cut a corner here where I need a hashtable?) Is set variables as "stats" for units, using Bribe's Unit Indexer, as sort of a shortcut to an MUI system? Hero Group Events Game - UnitIndexEvent becomes Equal to 1.00...
  2. Peach Schnapps

    Freeze / Shatter, Combo Abilities, Stat Checks

    Hellllllo again. I'm trying to figure out a way to implement "stat checks", and "spell combos", to start I figure I want to take the standard Warcraft 3 spell Breath of Frost and make it "check" the unit it is damaging stats (by stats I mean Hero Attributes), to see if they pass a "stat check"...