spell breaker

  1. Acolite333

    [General] Strange issue I noticed with Spellbreaker

    I was playing around with a custom map today and I noticed something odd about the Spellbreaker unit. Their base stats say they have 2 medium armor, and 600 HP. Ok that's fine nothing that interesting there. HOWEVER when I use the "Test Map" feature, for some reason they ALWAYS have -3- -HEAVY-...
  2. Rykon-V73

    Trouble with Magic Raise

    I gave the Spell Breaker the Magic Raise ability, which allows the Spell Breaker to increase attack damage of friendly units by 20% and to reduce their defense by 3, at the cost of 160 hit points of the Spell Breaker. The caster will regain the hit points in 20 seconds, the same seconds the...
  3. MetalKing1417

    Sci Fi Spell breaker

    What I am requesting is a version of the Spell Breaker that can fit in with a Space Marine Army. This can be a retexture or a new model. There are a few additional stipulations I would like to add: 1: Replace the glaive weapon with a grenade attack 2. Make the Shield Metal, and not some plasma...