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  1. Mashira

    Music won't play after loading the save

    Hello Hive, Once again, I've got a problem with my sound trigger, when loading a game save file the music that I used as a background soundtrack stops playing. Should I create trigger with Events Game - A saved game is loaded or is there any better way? I'm asking since my knowledge...
  2. InsaneMonster

    Warcraft 2 Soundtracks Remastered

    I want to share a remastered soundtrack from Warcraft 2. Since MIDI was not available, it was arranged by ears (actually, by my father :p)
  3. trentmoriartymusic

    Composer of Award-Winning mod, The Forgotten City, looking for collaborations

    Hi, I'm Trent and I compose orchestral music. I've been fortunate to compose the soundtracks of some award-winning Skyrim mods. The music I'm most known for is my soundtrack for The Forgotten City, a mod which has been downloaded nearly 2 million times and was the first mod to win a national...
  4. S

    My music

    I finally did some music! I didn't make them on Fruity Loops if you wanted to know, I made them from some Mac application named Garage Band. The tracks are very simple and not master works but I'm glad that I finally got to make some. These are possibly for Keromaj War. My Beautiful Chaos...
  5. Saelendious

    WC3 Beta Hidden Soundfiles

    [EDIT: I guess i was the first??? wow. Hero + Item thread out: click me senpai] A few weeks ago I got my hands on the Warcraft 3 RoC Beta version and started digging inside its MPQs. I found a bunch of cool files that can tell a lot about the initial Warcraft 3 plans and ideas. [The main...
  6. S

    Music help with high priority

    I am going to make a game and i need an original soundtrack for it. The music i need made is Half-Life themed. I'll need to make it myself so can someone guide me to some tutorials or teach me yourself? I'll say some examples of what i'm trying to copy from: Vague Voices Steam in the Pipes...
  7. Gumberbunbder

    [General] How to make music playlist?

    Hi! I want to include 3 songs into my game but have been having issues with this. Firstly, I already compressed the files, so don't worry, I'm not adding 50mb worth of music. I have tried both playing my songs as "sounds" and as "music" and they both have their own special little difficulties...