1. Ricola3D

    Main indexers: a snippet for basic cross-compatibility ?

    Hello, I am trying to make a Armor system with a unit indexer as requirement. I need to store the "code armor" value of units whose armor is modified by BlzSetUnitArmor native. Then I use it as input in other pieces of code. I can't use hashtable no ? Because if the handle ID of a removed unit...
  2. Ricola3D

    Snippet to fix W3 bug on "Orb of slow" and similar abilities

    Hello, You may know the following abilities: - Orb of Slow (AIsb) - Orb of Lightning (AIll) - Attack black arrow bonus (AIdf) - Melee Lightning Damage Bonus (AIlx) They are similar, and allow you to make normal attacks have a chance of casting any ability with a target. Pretty cool no ...
  3. userid907

    [vJASS] Logic Challenge or Impossible?

    Iam trying to make a feature on my system that use hashtable, but i stuck when i got a problem, is this possible but hard, or impossible?, i've been trying much hard to solve. here is : static method getDataFromUnit takes unit un returns integer return LoadInteger(ht,2,???)...
  4. userid907

    [Solved] Unidentified Crash

    Hello hive, i've here again and ask for help again........ why i here is because my snippet is crashed when duration < 0 or when destroyed(?). i dont see a problem on static method periodic or on method onDestroy. i dont see anything wrong with my script. been on eye for 1 hour and still...
  5. Kazeon

    Ultimate Map Development Guide - Boost up your development process!

    I. Intro Hi and welcome! Just a brief resumé, I (in the modding scene) am a big enthusiast of total-conversion maps. I'm also experienced in developing some big total-conversion map projects such as Garden's Tale, Glideon, Coconut Party, and EmberCraft. This thread is a one-stop solution for...