1. Cebi

    [Spell] Sacrifice System.

    So I looked at the Sacrifice ability and realized that it has huge potential yet limited by stiff un-editable outcomes. What I need from it at first was simple, sacrifice 1 custom unit for another. But then once I tested it though the Object Editor thinking it would be simple... it wasn't...
  2. NelsonLaJe

    Alpha Cold Wraith

    Hello Hive i need a model of ''reaper'' or Something that looks like this:
  3. jk4t63p4f

    [Solved] empty

  4. jk4t63p4f


  5. Alethos

    Shade/Shadow Effect Model Request

    Hey all- I know I've dabbled myself somewhat in the request section and with modeling in general but I have a request that I haven't quite figured out because I don't know how to begin/I know I'll mess it up. I need a shade- shadow like model- should be a transparent black 'filter' screen...