role playing game

  1. Armelior_is_back

    [Campaign] The tale of Melusine

    Hello, I'm currently finishing the 1st map of my new project : Tale of Melusine. It's gonna be a 5 maps campaign a bit like Dwarf campaign : big long maps that are somewhat linked but not as much as a "classic" campaign. Except you will play as the titular character in each one. It doesn't...
  2. Master Zul'khan

    [Role Playing Game] Rollin' for "Wc3:wow"

    - wit respect to @Craka_J Nearly ten years ago, da legendary @Craka_J attempted to create tha epic project "Wc3:WoW". But de old gods didn't let him so to complete it. Yea mon, it's been a decade. And de project is dead. Sorry for dat my mons. By the day, i'm announcin' to ya Hive community...
  3. Azeroth's Most Wanted

    Looking for Testers - Age of Azeroth

    Hey! I'm currently looking for occasional Testers for my RP map: Age of Azeroth, preferably folk with knowledge of the world of Azeroth and Warcraft Lore in general. If you are interested, PM me here on HIVE, or send me a friend request on discord: Mystic Nefro#9560 :)
  4. Mathayis

    Good & Evil II Map review request

    Howdy there! I hope I'm posting this in the right spot... Basically, I'm just looking to get my RPG Map "Good & Evil II" Reviewed, it had a really rough launch due to the patch 1.31.1 breaking a lot of triggers, and causing many bugs... This is very important, my map Good an Evil 2 only works...
  5. Lord_Marrowgrath

    [Aeon of Strife] Future of War of Argent

    Hello dear hiveworkshop members and moba lovers. I'm updating my aos War of Argent v2.21 I have many ideas on rpg based-moba map and need to take your opinion for future of the map. There are so many diffrent aos and moba and it feels every game looks same. I try to make different from them...
  6. Clubbies

    [Role Playing Game] Survive: Radroris

    Greetings Hive, Current status: Alpha Development Elaboration: Most framework is complete, substantial amount of unfinished content with a significant number of bugs. ~90% optimized for performance. An 8-player, third-person perspective, PVP & PVE survival ORPG. During your time in...
  7. Sapprine

    [Role Playing Game] Warcraft lll - A turn-based RPG?

    Remember the classic internet game 'Murloc RPG'? I've been dreaming of a Turn-based RPG in Warcraft 3 for awhile now, but I'm not a programmer myself... Basic concept: - A 2D prespective with by locking a low area of attack camera to the main character - Arrowkey movement of main character...
  8. PrinceYaser

    [Role Playing Game] The Scourge of Atlantis

    ---------------------------- Well, I'm not sure still about the genre, I might change this to a Campaign or let it remain as it is. Opinions and critiques are always welcome! :] Project's Discord server Mythology is different from history, yet many concepts, creatures and events in...
  9. Levi Ackerman

    [Role Playing Game] Attack On Titan Rpg

    Attack On titan Rpg Attack on titan rpg is a multiplayer map based on "Attack on titan" Manga with Rpg gameplay, and anime theme.There isn't any map who based on Aot,that's why i decided to make one for aot fans who are playing Wc3.Here is an abstract of features of this map: Ability of...
  10. ThinhHo

    [Campaign] Defenders of the Light

    Current Version: 0.52 With the recent update of the campaign to version 0.49, many bugs were eliminated. Unlike before, version 1.26 and 1.27 of Warcraft 3 can no longer play it. However, 1.30 and 1.31+ can play it with way fewer bugs than before. Defenders of the Light is now best compatible...
  11. Yours Truly

    [Campaign] Astallas RPG - based on Final Fantasy

    Astallas is a single player rpg campaign under development by xYours Trulyx. I hope to make the game long enough for you to enjoy. The game currently has no difficulty.I made the gameplay to be particularly like any Final Fantasy games,on which it has a status menu, inventory and their own...
  12. Avahor

    Enthashara´s Tales ORPG 2.0.1