1. Cheshire

    [General] make neutral unit attack without stopping

    hey all, need help with a trigger I'm trying to build - if any hero picks up item X make unit Y chase and attack him. i succeeded in making a basic trigger for this, but the unit stops attacking soon after, and if the hero is far enough - will just turn around before getting there. how can I...
  2. El Saif

    [Trigger] Return Lumber and Stacking Item

    Ok, so i need to know how to give a unit an item, in this case Lumber. Unit will get an amount of stack equal to how much lumber it currently harvested. I'm using Easy Item Stack 'n Split v2.7.4 for the system. I tried to detect lumber before and after the unit returning the lumber and give it...
  3. 1)ark_NiTe

    [Solved] Same Value Returns Both 0.0 and NULL from Hashtable

    The following code returns true for r == 0.0 and r == null. Can anyone tell me why? I would expect that only r==0.0 would return true. local unit t = GetTriggerUnit() local real r = 0.0 //Save 0.0 value to hashtable call SaveRealBJ(0.0, GetHandleIdBJ(t), 1, udg_hashTable) //Other actions...
  4. xDeathKnightx

    [Cinematic] The Fall of the Nine - WIP

    So, I've been away for ages and decided to begin another cinematic, just thought i'd share a couple of images of the first few scenes: Still very, very early in works, will be a long time yet but I will keep thread updated every now and then.
  5. Heinvers


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