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  1. Charadise

    [SD/Modeling] In need of a flagbearer model

    Hi, I'm currently in the process of making a Human campaign, and one of the units I'd like to make for the faction would be a flagbearer. I haven't found any models of a unit bearing a flag or a banner on the workshop, all I'd need would be a human footman bearing a flag with no sword or maybe a...
  2. Grinnersh

    [HD/Modeling] Someone have a male vindicator Draenei model for Reforged please?

    Cheers I've been planning a Warcraft 3: Reforged map project and been going through some posts and honestly was wondering if anyone could make a model of a male vindicator draenei, the model can be blue skinned or purple skinned (If you want you can make skins). Yes please? I request it without...
  3. joc

    Model Request

    Hello, I've been making a campagin for a while now and im in need of some models. If anyone is interested do pm for more Thanks!
  4. Jajs

    Does anyone have the Agugrom models?

    Agugrom left community and the page where he had uploaded his models was removed Does anyone have their models?
  5. Unholy0ne

    [Request] Line AoE Zone Indicator sfx

    Hey, I'm currently working on an RPG that heavily relies on World of Warcraft esque raid mechanics for boss fights. I've got circle aoe zone indicators, but am not able to find rectangles or lines to, say indicate a laser beam. I've tried ripping models like <Screenshot> or <Screenshot> from...
  6. jk4t63p4f

    [Solved] empty

  7. jk4t63p4f


  8. Kakorin(KvS)

    Extreme Request!!! - Fire Panda with Hat

    I know that the title is rare. Anyways, my request is : a Fire Panda without the hat in back, instead in the head. But making no use of storm spirit portrait in the world model ( unit ).