1. Orc Smash!

    [SD/Modeling] Groundless great hall

    Hi, i can't seem to find this everywhere, i know there used to be an orc great hall from Warcraft 1 orcs and humans that someone made that made different versions of it, one with that usual ground stuff with stairs and one without it and i have seen an screenshot with early beta version of...
  2. SentenceXx

    [HD/Modeling] Black Legion

    I have heard about the new human race called "Black Legion" made by johnwar. I downloaded the models and icons, and used them for my map. (Crediting johnwar for the models and icons ofcourse) I only need the black legion human buildings, airship model, and battleship. I hope the models are...
  3. Rubellu Sidus

    [SD/Modeling] Isendra - Diablo II Sorceress

    Hey, guys! I would like someone to help me in a issue I've been facing. I've created a Diablo II Sorceress using the base model of Jaina Proudmoore: The model can be found here: Isendra - Diablo II Sorceress However I am facing a few problems, since I don't have any skills at animating a...
  4. Archaos

    Some Skinning/Model Request (Reforged)

    So here we have the Vulcanologist Kael Skin (reforged) by Verronis (see attached picture) I was hoping one of you lovely talented skin creators/model creators could work this one particular style on to Anasterian Sunstrider (keeping the sword of course) you know, the kael Face, Skin Color, hair...