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  1. ravellani

    Item model requests

    I would like to request that someone make a chest plate item model, like for picking up, and a bandage model based on this icon ']WoW Icons/Icon List/Images that is also a pick up. I know there are medkit models but if someone can also do a medkit model pick up based on this ']BTNMedkit. I also...
  2. Cheshire

    Why write "+rep"?!

    here's a random little rant for ye what is the purpose of writing "+ rep" ? If you gave rep, the person you gave it to knows. writing + rep, does not make him any more grateful of getting rep. whats the point of publicly announcing it? is it to show future helpers that you are generous with...
  3. Epic Producer

    [General] AI help

    Recently I started working on my campaign and cant seem to figure out how to do Attack Waves, also the building order. I have read maybe ALL the tutorials but I cant figure out how ;-;. +REP The Campaign is attached, and I dont know how to do attack waves. The AI i have worked on is on The Map...
  4. Epic Producer

    Score Screen Icon?

    Is there anyway to make a certain custom Icon have a score screen icon? I have tried the Button Manager but I cat find which is the score screen... +REP
  5. Jason56_34

    [General] Vision For Players Dialog

    Is there a way where you can choose whether you cannot see youre teammates or you can see them? In Dialog style. And what is the trigger for when you lose a vision to a teammate.? sorry for my bad English ;w; +REP
  6. Jason56_34

    [General] Black Square ?

    I was working with my map then suddenly I used a trigger that would set the ambience to a creepy vibe.. then when I attached a light source to someone a blacksquare usually appears near torches or firepits.. Any way to fix this? Check the map if I'm wrong.. +REP
  7. Jason56_34

    [General] Camera Help

    !+REP! Now that I got your attention! :3 (I'll still rep anyways :)) Hmmm, whenever my camera height is very high.. when I view it on warcraft it shows black.. but it also shows the missiles.. how to fix this.. (I know its fog but how.. :D)
  8. Jason56_34

    Need a map!

    I need a 160WIDTH x 96HEIGHT , VILLAGE TILESET and with atleast 2 paths the middle cannot be crossed... +REP Now i got your attention :3 But I'll still rep :)
  9. Epic Producer


  10. Epic Producer

    [Spell] Spell Help

    Information Okay, this is how the spell works. It is a light nova that damages units (AOE). but its buff is that the damaged units will heal for 250,350,500 health (250=level1/350=level2/500=level3) Name Light Nova = Deals massive damage but then heals the targeted unit. BUFF= Light's Mistake...
  11. Epic Producer

    [Spell] 5 missiles ability help, Last missile stuns.

    I came up with this spell, The hero launches 5 Abilities\Weapons\GargoyleMissile\GargoyleMissile.mdl. Each missile deals 355 damage and the last missile stuns. Any how, how to do this? Is it even possible? Plz help. (Each missile cast triggers the units spell animation) Solver - + rep , +follow