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origin frame

  1. HerlySQR

    How can I hide the unit command buttons when I hide the UI and don't be able to select a unit?

    Hello, I made this to hide the UI: BlzHideOriginFrames(true) BlzFrameSetSize(BlzGetFrameByName("ConsoleUIBackdrop",0), 0, 0.0001) And worked well, but if I select a unit, the command buttons still appear, I think is because I didn't hide the ConsoleUIBackdrop, but I can't do that because I need...
  2. HerlySQR

    Display text in the ORIGIN_FRAME_TOP_MSG

    Hello, I wanna display text in the top msg frame (where appears the upkeep warnings), something like this (is simplyfied): TopMsg = BlzGetOriginFrame(ORIGIN_FRAME_TOP_MSG, 0) BlzFrameSetVisible(TopMsg, true) BlzFrameSetText(TopMsg, "Message") But doesn't work, the message is not appearing...
  3. SpiritFryer2

    How to move top left hero buttons (ORIGIN_FRAME_HERO_BUTTON)? (faulty code and map file inside)

    Hello! I'm trying to move the top left hero buttons (ORIGIN_FRAME_HERO_BUTTON), but it seems they're stuck to the left side of the hero bar (ORIGIN_FRAME_HERO_BAR). With some experimentation, it seems hero buttons have two hardcoded UI layout behavior 1. Stick to the left of the hero bar 2...
  4. Tom_Almighty1

    JASS Description Frame?

    Guys I am having trouble learning these new updates in war3 1.31 TFT non-reforged. Can you please provide me a simple trigger on how to make a description box frame with words in it? Kinda like how the tooltip works but I need to move it to an area I also need to have a way to hide/unhide it...