1. HerlySQR

    [Escape / Maze] The escape of draenei

    Hello everyone, At first I wish you could put several prefixes, because my map is that one team has to escape (Draenei) while the other has to prevent them from escaping (Demons). Information: -There are in total 23 Heros (11 Draenei - 12 Demons / 7 Strength - 7 Agility - 9 Inteligence)...
  2. tough_zai

    how can i make my normal unit gain XP?

    We all know that Hero unit can be changed models and be like any other kind of unit,, so what i am aiming now is to make my normal units gain xp and level up, without using heroes as base.. coz heroes icons can be seen on the left side of the screen and will flood my screen if you have 10 or...
  3. tough_zai

    [Role Playing Game] What is best Hero level cap for normal RPG game

    im asking the community on how much level cap should we really used to, for a normal rpg game,, i saw some post got 40- 60 i saw 99 and other just got a way more than a hundred... since having a high XP rate around which level of character will starts to slow down? can anybody enlighten me...