normal map

  1. Astromen

    Help mdlvis delphi5 code-language

    Hi, I'm writing cause I need a bit of help with mdlvis, I found the source-code in xgn and want to modify only one small thing, the texture visualizer mode, I tried to find alexey2005 for help or permission to edit but I have no luck :( , Ok so the problem is: model normals; when you edit a...
  2. Schmiki

    Warcraft 3 Reforged - Creating a normal map for custom texture

    Hello everyone, I am working on textures for unique human faction shield and tabard variations such as Scarlet crusade, Argent dawn, Kul Tiras and etc. but I seem to have a problem with making new normal maps for those custom textures. As you can see on the screenshot, this is the problem...