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new member

  1. Jake Conner

    Need Help With Choosing Race!

    So it should be simple, but I'm new to maps, and I can't seem to figure it out. I want it to be so that in the beginning you can click on the tavern and see icons that give you a selection of different races. This won't be for races to do a regular melee game. When you select the race you...
  2. ChrisAmatsu

    Combining Items of the same type.

    Hello everyone. I am new here and wanted to ask for some help. I have been making Warcraft 3 maps over the years out of fun however I am new to triggering. I started a campaign where I want consumable items to stack and items of the same type to combine into a more powerful one. The first one I...
  3. warmregards

    Need some help with leaks...

    Hey everyone! So this is my first time posting and I'll start off by saying I'm far from seasoned in the art of map creation. I used to play as a kid and always spent more time on the editor than I did actually playing. Just learning kill footswitches and open gates was mindblowing and I loved...
  4. Premin

    Brand-spanking new!

    Hello inhabitants of the Hive Mind! I have joined this site as per request from Kyrbi0 (my hubby in real life (go figure ;p )) as I have gained enough interest in what goes on here to want to voice my opinion on things and offer what little talent I have to this community. I have interests in...
  5. IncredibleMan

    Good to meet ya!

    My account name is incredible man, i started map making when i was 9 years old so i tried to improve my skills in joining a website like this. I also tried to make contact with other people but still i'm yet to be noticed ;). I actually like warcraft, the making of maps and showing them to my...
  6. Sir_Smooth_Doge


    hi im new here i dont hav many thing in here but i download mods here so i created a account im still noob at dis. :ogre_datass:
  7. LegendaryViewer


    Greetings! newbie here I recently activated my account but I have always visited this website 4 years ago I love everything here and I'm working on a new map.
  8. Eldin HawkWing


    Hello Guys!..Im new here!. My brother's resources has been remove or rejected He was unable to update it:thumbs_down:
  9. Eldin Gunslinger

    Noob Here!

    Hi guys New Here!..I want a Terraining Tutorial Videos!
  10. KommissarReb

    KommissarReb joins The Hive Workshop community!

    Hello everyone. I am an avid player of Warcraft III, who occasionally plays Warcraft II. I have made a few maps for WC3, some of which I think are pretty good. I wanted to share them on the internet for some feedback (i.e. what areas I could improve on) I will submit some maps and I hope...
  11. BlueEyesServant

    New Moba to the Hive

    Hello there I'm new to this side, but i've got a map, that i've worked on the last year or so (ofcourse with breaks) but i would really appriciate it, if some of you, would check it out, and give som feed back, maybe some balance changes, so i can make the game as fun as possible, i'm trying to...
  12. DaneTheBeast


    Hello Hiveworkshop I am an old warcraft 3 player. I have possibly played over 500 (IDK If that is a lot) maps over 8 years. I started with single player, when I had dial-up internet. Later on I moved to Garena and spent a lot of time there, met a lot of amazing people, had good times. Now...
  13. DarkZealot1

    Hey people Please check out my map Reign of Heroes

    Its an RPG map. You choose your own hero, fight outside the town and build awesome Nation or Wanderer bases !:vw_death:
  14. Nathanam0re

    Hello, I'm Nathanam0re!

    Hi Hiveworkshop members! I'm Nathanam0re. I am very new to the WCIII Mapping community & only started messing around with the WE in the last week or so. The only thing I made ATM is a MOBA I made in my spate time. It does have some multiplayer bugs 'cause I tested this mainly alone, and...
  15. King Arthras

    Hi Guys

    I'm new here. What should I do to help out? :ogre_haosis:
  16. Paulus

    New member to awesome site

    Hey all, I'm Paulus, a long time warcraft 3 player. I love to edit maps in general. I've done this since Deltaforce2. If a game has an editor, i always take a peek in it. So how did i come to this website: because i made a bet. I made a 4 player dungeon RPG and hosted it on a LAN. In...
  17. cotd333


    I'm continuing my map which I started making two years ago. Anyone interested in helping me?
  18. torrasque214

    My Arrival, A New Member

    :xxd: Hello guys, I'm really happy to be in this website, I just want to say, I am preparing a new map, based on Hero Siege [if you have ever played it], with a few recipe-based items, powerful waves, a freakin' powerful boss, and it will come rising through generations if i know, I'm still...
  19. Mr.Samfisher

    How to make units attack against air units ranged,and against ground units melee?

    Hello kind people of HIve, I have little trouble with my map I'm working on.(by the way new to map making, it's my first map) I want unit to attack ground units as melee, and air units as ranged. and if possible I want my units melee attack to be hero type and ranged attack magic type. so my...
  20. BLazeKraze

    Who i Am ???

    I am a teenager and then i want to make some wrc3 maps:vw_death:
  21. HappyWurGain

    My journey starts here

    Hi guys i just started here soo can you guys tell me more about all this "Hive" thing?
  22. Zealen_2

    Hello, Hiveworkshop!

    Hello people! I'm a mapmaker, new to the Hive! Hopefully you enjoy my maps! :psmile:
  23. Allyourfault777

    New Member

    Hey, I have recently started to explore the world editor of wc3 at a higher level, I watch tutorials daily and try to learn from them as much as possible, I made an acount do discuss problems that occur and download models/skins/abilities etc. etc.
  24. nero_ed

    Novice (started yesterday) Map Maker

    hello everybody, new here , i am starting to make maps now :vw_unimpressed: well i like warcraft 3 a so many time that i decided to join the site, i am an novice at doing maps and balancing units, i would like to go expert on doing maps :)
  25. Imadori

    New here!

    Hey! I'm Kyousuke Imadori, the Hummingbird, from class-C. I am here to present the SUPER COOL Hatenkou Robo Dojibiron! Watch this!
  26. fodorgyuri666


    Hi, the system told me to introduce, usually I skip these kind of things, but whatever... So, I'm the mapper predator8bit I haven't done "big deals" yet just some local fun for my friends, but maybe I can do something useful, we'll see.
  27. BallGoo

    Can someone help me?

    I'm making a minigame like map based on Star Wars VI's battle of Endor. I'm only using the world editor for like 5-6 months and I never made a multiboard and thats the problem. :goblin_cry: I NEED SOMEONE TO HELP ME WITH THE MULTIBOARD! I made a multiboard by myself with some tutorials but it...
  28. JohnnyBoy

    John Högström

    Hello there HIVE!! Im john and im a 17 year old boy living on Gotland in Sweden. Im a tall, atlethic computer g33k. Im kind of a retired wc3 hardcore gamer from back in the RoC days. Nowadays im quite pleased to just be a part of the community and trying to keep the game alive as long as...
  29. Wimplow

    I have no skill. and I must create.

    I've made maps for years but I haven't really tried to get them published. I signed up for the Hiveworkshop to change that.
  30. amirhong4321


    I welcome myself to the Hive. Thank you Dear Soul
  31. azure dragon

    My middle name anin't bob but it can be ...

    Hey i'm new and i dislike choclate...:ogre_rage:
  32. vNxicedragonx


    Hi im new and i need help on makeing maps.. Plz::ogre_haosis:
  33. Buddhaweisser

    Some Weird Project...

    hey everybody I'm Buddhaweisser, (no more Der_SS) i came back again to the Hive, to make real my all-life (LOL) project, a campaign inspired in Genesis songs. The main thing is to join different stories of songs and albums, from Peter Gabriel's era in the group, and create some "original"...
  34. Necromancers Rule

    Neccromancers Rule

    I'm new and it wanted me to introduce my self so here it is: I'm not very good at well... ANYTHING to do with the World Editor but I enjoy it none the less. P.S. If you post anything on this thread (I don't now why on earth you'ld want to but just in case you do) can you please not use...
  35. RazorHedgeFan

    Introducting my self

    Hi i am RazorHedgeFan, im 16 years old, Hobbies: Gaming, watching tv,Be funny Favorite movies: Lord of the rings. All star wars movies. Mr. Bean (All), South Park Favorite Games :Half-life (All), Warcraft 3 , and TDT, Crysis (All) , Lord of the rings (All) ,Crysis (All) ,GTA IV What do...
  36. free_winds

    free_winds from China

    I'm a dotaer from China.My english is poor,but I love WAR3,I'm learning edit the maps:vw_unimpressed:
  37. Pishki


    Hello everyone :3 I'm new here, love the forum and creations made here. :ogre_love:
  38. HeartStrong

    En Taro...no wait...Lok-tar! (lol) Long-time user, new member.

    Hello, I am actually introducing myself because it beats working on a model several hours straight...anyway...Hello! I am not new to 3D work, or map making although never made a finished map--though often artists never finish their paintings--but I am aiming to start something that is in fact...
  39. TurquoiseTortoise

    Herroo ^^

    Heyz just joined upp nd it looks like pretty kewl warcraft forum :goblin_yeah:
  40. Flakse

    New guy... :p

    I just like creating maps :)
  41. xanthus0121

    I am xanthus0121, and this is my intro.

    Hello all! My name is Dorian. My user name is xanthus0121. I am 15 years old, but that's never stopped me from exceeding expectations. I've been playing Warcraft 3 since I was little and never stopped. I'm just average at everything. Average terrainer, average triggerer, average story maker...
  42. PrinceDarkmane

    Hola all

    The names PrinceDarkmane I'm tryin g to design an RPG map, but have been having trouble finding models I can use. I have found a large amount here, but would still like to contact someone who could perhaps help me by creating certain models that are currently unavailable. Let me know if...
  43. g4l4xyz

    New Member...

    Hi all! I'm new in this Warcraft III workshop. Hope you all help me on my way to become a great Icon, Model, Skin, Map and all the Warcraft III resources. Thanks for you help. Wish me luck! and Merry Christmas.
  44. Intelligent

    I'm new...

    I was told to introduce myself, so this is me introducing myself. Hi.
  45. S

    Im new and already need help :o

    Ok so just signed up, saw little introduce yourself thing and clicked it and here i am. Amazing. Anywho, i have been to this site many times in the past and made a few maps(which aren't very good :o) However i just decided to finally sign up. Now for the help part: I am a mac user and have been...
  46. Lord Blitzman

    They have a introduce yourself thread? Thats sad......

    OK so i have no idea what this thread is for other then reading about randoms cats/dogs and that funny story they ALWAYS HAVE.:thumbs_down: But unfortunatly i dont have one of those storys so you guys can go without.:smile:
  47. sjidrummer47


    Im sorta new to the hive workshop and yeah, i like to make maps :)
  48. buffhobo

    hi pplz

    hello every one im new here (obveusly) im new with all the map making and modeling and stuff like that, so if u all can help that would be good :grin:
  49. P


    Hello im new here and actually i've been into mapping and modeling for some time. Ive actually decided to become a member of something and hopefully i can meet others with who can teach me a few things as well as help those who need it.
  50. ammazingmazer

    New to this site and i need modeling help

    Hi im new to modeling and that sort of stuff and im not aloud to download anything or my computer gets bugged... well im on this site to look for ways to host and how to get models without downloading anything. Well if there are any ways.:grin::grin::grin: