1. Voljin

    How to make a Cinematic for Campaign

    Does anyone know or has anyone tried to make their own wc3 cinematic? I do not mean like the basic trigger function type cinematics, but the actual movie clips such as the one of Arthas murdering his father, Grom/Thrall vs Mannoroth, etc. I know you can play one of those cinematic in the GUI...
  2. Razorfang

    Movies with good plot twists

    Please list movies having good plot twists, some examples are SAW I The village Eden Log Cargo (2009) Shutter Island etc.
  3. deepstrasz

    Music References:

    People's work that have had and will have an impact on me as influence: Aerosmith: Aerosmith - Wikipedia AC/DC: AC/DC - Wikipedia Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin: Alexander Borodin - Wikipedia Alex Gaudino: Alex Gaudino - Wikipedia Andre Tanneberger: ATB - Wikipedia Apocalyptica...