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  1. Super Mario

    Changing the time indicator skin

    Hi i'm creating a custom UI for reforged and am struggling with the time indicator skin. I changed humanuitile-timeindicator.dds (moon and sun image) and imported it as UI\Console\Human\Humanuitile-Timeindicator.dds but it won't work. I changed the mask-skins to alpha-images to test what...
  2. Priestess of the Moon for Dota map

    Priestess of the Moon for Dota map

    Priestess of the Moon in Dota 2 Style. Based on model kangyan's model: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/priestess-of-the-moon-version-whitehair.262865/
  3. cleavinghammer

    Day, Night, Wild, and Space-themed Spells

    Need spells with a day/sun/light, night/moon/darkness (but not in the evil sense), wilderness/beasts, and space (not sci-fi)/emptiness-elemental theme, for both hero and unit spells. Standard spells with different models and icons are fine if you can make them fit the theme. If you know of good...
  4. Thiiago

    Moon Glaive skill help

    I need an spells complicated to describe, but i try. Is an "frontal" attack directed to "point clicked" Basically is the "Fan of Knifes" of Maiev Shadowsong in HotS look in 1:01 work like. You click in point.. and the Warden "damages" all units in this "angle" Angle = 90º Distance of...
  5. BrothForMyPeople

    Wierd moving thing in a cut model [2 Screenshots]

    I'm editing Priestess of Moon to be unmounted, hovering unit. Just one thing bothers me - the wierd moving hank of texture under the Priestess (looks like the tiger's texture). As you can see, there's nothing on the Model Editor. I don't know how to delete this thing.
  6. PrinceYaser

    Moon View

    Just another terrain... Comments and crits would be appreciated of course.