1. Killparadise

    [Solved] Lua Modulo Weird Behavior

    Hello! I'm writing out some scripts but it seems like when I try to run a modulo I get some weird behavior, for example: a % b - Causes a syntax error a % n - Crashes the world editor a % 1 - Saves fine Are we not able to use variables with the mod functionality? Full Example that gives a...
  2. J2Krauser

    JassHelper and Modulo Operator

    Hi. Is there any way to make JassHelper shut up about it? I'm aware it's been added to pJass way back now, and I'm using the newest version, but when JassHelper runs in WE, it still throws a syntax error since it doesn't recognize the % operator added in 1.29.
  3. Uncle

    Modulo - How to use it to detect a multiple of a real

    Hello, I'm having trouble using Modulo. I read some posts on here and tried to recreate what they did but nothing seems to work. When I thought I had it set up correctly the trigger completely stopped working, which was weird because the modulo was just a small calculation that shouldn't have...