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  1. deepstrasz

    Patebin Big Brother?

    So, I've been seeing this for some time now, P.M. pastebin links being accessed by someone/something. Example: My question is, are moderators/administrators sifting through P.M.s? Definitely the person I've sent that didn't download the first picture 20 times and the second 19. Or, somehow...
  2. deepstrasz

    "Necroposting" in resource threads

    Please, I want to know who responds to my reports and who deletes my posts in resource threads. "Your post in the thread SpringFaeV2.blp was deleted. Reason: Please avoid necro-posting. We have the Site Rules for a reason." Are you SERIOUS!? To rate a resource, a comment MUST be written in...
  3. TPE.YelloW

    Please delete my Map

    Can any Moderator Please delete my map (2) The killed forrest ? Thanks alot if you have time to do it
  4. Vengeancekael

    [Role Playing Game] Beyond Darkness: The Shadows

    OUT NOW Beyond Darkness: The Shadows is a single player role playing game, focusing on fast paced action. Featuring different background systems, the player is immersed into a challenging world, yet rewarding and brutal. BY:TS is the sequel to The Awakening, building a bridge from...