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  1. Dereko

    Hippogryph Rider Hero Model Request

    I don't have the skills to make a model, but I would really like a Male Night Elf Hippogryph Rider Hero. flying male hero archer on a hippogryph,. Please and thank you.
  2. HelloFlighty

    ----MODEL REQUEST----

    I'm looking for a model maker willing to make a relatively small model. Links to pictures of the model are below Imgur: It's called a Command Post from star wars battlefront 2 basically i only want the model to be the grey ground metal part, and hero glow for the light, i need a red and a blue...
  3. Thiiago

    Just an "model" of sorcerer

    I need just that picks the model of an War3 normal Sorceress, and do two things. - 1) Put the "head" of Emissary (The Human Mage, of War3, version of HE Priest priest but human.) - 2) Make the sorceress "forms" or "body" more "Male" understand? no breasts, and no female contours the body...