1. Super Mario

    [SD/Modeling] Recreating HOMEWORLD 2 in WC3 - Request for simple Model Creation of boxy Spaceships

    I am about to create a Homeworld 2 map and want it to be as close to the original game as possible, excludig the 3D-space battles. As I will never get the permission to use the original models, so I'm looking for a model creator who shares my passion for HW. I could imagine models that come...
  2. denod

    Mixing Wow and Warcraft 3 models

    Hello, I would like to know your opinion on this topic. I started creating models and I mostly do it via combination of WoW models and Warcraft 3 . Do you all think that these models fit into classic games of Warcraft 3 classic version ?
  3. carlmb1

    [SD/Modeling] Ogre and tauren Model request

    Hello guys! I am in need of the following models for my campaign: Ogre direhorn rider Ogre dragon rider Female ogre magi unit Female ogre magi hero Tauren kodo rider Tauren wyvern rider Will give rep or willing to donate via paypal. Thank you in advance.
  4. Alfee :)

    Need help with modelling please

    I wanna make the Castlestorm Viking berserker,Troll and captain Thorvard and i could use the help if you wanna help i could put the models on the workshop
  5. Rykon-V73

    Modelling custom auras

    I got help from JAKEZINC regarding modelling custom auras and he pointed me here. Is the tutorial this hard to understand? What tutorials should I use regarding those auras?
  6. lil apex

    Need help creating a simple white box...

    Hey guys, Can someone help me create a 256x256x3 white model? I was using this tutorial to create a model. As you can see, I made the box, added a standard white texture, then exported using the DeX script to generate the .mdl, deleted the comments and converted it into an MDX with this "MDLX"...
  7. DracoL1ch

    Update an existing item model

    Can you please help me with the model? Scepter of the Tides I want to make it an asset for an item-on-ground. I want to use it as on-ground model for a scepter, but it requires to: add some Z height; add a simple rotation animation when stand; add instant "death" disappearing animation; add...
  8. Dunkeulbock

    RPG Peasant

    Hello my good sirs ! I need a very simple model for my map and I think this model could be useful for part of the community. This unit would be the KAIL333XZ's HD Peasant (Just a normal peasant but with his portrait face as his actual model face) without his pickaxe and with the animations of...
  9. The Grumpy Hobbit

    Current modelling meta

    Hello there Hive community. I have returned after a long time back to modelling and wanted to ask you what programs do you use for texturing, because Magos World Editor does not work anymore with the 1.3 patch file storage pattern and in which program do you animate models? I currently use...
  10. S

    Back here with some news

    Hello. I'm back. I would want to say that I have successfully made a model in Blender and imported it into Milkshape and exported it into WC3. I made my first mdx model! However it isn't worth submitting to the Hive's resources because it really is simple and the walk animation is a-bit buggy...
  11. Amigoltu

    Questions about modeling/geomerging

    Greetings everyone. I've read through a few tutorials about the basics on merging geosets of different models, as well as modeling itself. But, for example, I can take these two models: Iron Golem3 and Death Knight Arthas How does one even begin to create something like that? Is this...
  12. BigChief97

    Mounted Royal Knight

    Hi, I've found a model I really like, but id like them to be mounted on a horse (preferably a Knights horse). However I dont have the skills to make that happen. Would really appreciate it if someone could give it a go. Model: Royal Knight By Stefan.k Thanks in advanced BigChief
  13. SoulStealer

    Trigger-Turn On | Not Working | Please Help

    Hey all,I am working on a massive project.I need some help. In campaigns,We have scenes,right?Well,We also have Quests in Campaigns.So I created some quests and also made a "Main Quest Discovered" thingy.It showed up right at the time I was watching the scenes.(While testing.) So,I tried this...
  14. Homor

    Feral Worgen (Meaty Worgen Units)

    There are a lot of great Worgen models on this site, but a problem I'm having is not a lot of them are very beefy. You mostly see footmen, peasants and spellcasters. You don't see any big, lumbering MFers that can fill unit roles like orc grunts or abominations. That's what I'm requesting here...
  15. SVT2002

    Rotations and Scaling to Translations

    Hello, Mdlvis can transform all the non-linear translations, rotations and scalings to linear. My question is:can I transform all the linear rotations and scalings to linear translations?