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modeling & animation

  1. ks.zealot

    How bones organized in model?

    I am now trying to parse the mdx model in the attachment that represents the start menu landscape from ROC. I found more than 300 bones in this model. By the way, max bone count that allow DX standart is 255. Am I missing something? How do blizzards create animations with so many bones in a...
  2. Hawkknight97

    How do I change a Unit's Hair Color or Skin and etc?

    Hello. I have question? How do I change a Unit's Hair Color like for example the Peasant from Brown to Orange or the Hero Paladin Unit's Hair Color and Skin Tune, The High Elf Priest from White to Brown with the Newest Blood Elf Skin tune or just Void Elf Blue skin tune and etc? I had tried this...
  3. Retera

    How to Swap Reforged Model Parts

    How to Swap Reforged Model Parts In this tutorial, we will learn how to swap parts of a Reforged model. I was chatting with the user MayDay on Discord, and he asked me how to give the Jaina hero the legs of the Succubus demon. I was able to do this in a couple of minutes, and he seemed...
  4. Matthew's_warcraft_book

    How do I edit this model? (Power Generator)

    Note: I have read several tutorials, and tried using both War3 Model Editor and Mdlvis, still cant figure this out. I want to use the power generator model without the glowy crystal (picture below). I have removed the crystal and floating symbols by scaling/deleting the vertices, but this...
  5. FSK

    How to activate a stand alterante animation?

    I tried putting 'stand alternate' in the string field for the 'Art--Required Animation Names' attribute for the object of interest (whose model has a 'stand alternate' animation I want to activate). Thanks.
  6. linknukem

    [Solved] Changing the position of a model, without messing up the animations

    The model is a modified Mortar Team member. Because of how the mortar team model is made, this guy is now off center (Not in the middle of the green circle). Is there a way to move the model to the center of the green circle, either in model editor or world editor? (Using the translation on...
  7. YourArthas

    Warcraft: Rebirth Recruiting Members

    Hello guys maybe you don't know us but we are a WC3 remaster project working with Warcraft:Armies of Azeroth however we need some modelers to help us cause it is so hard to work on this mod without real help , what we look for is someone who can: Sculpt 3d models Retopo them , make them...
  8. Fauhyde

    How do I go about animating this with WC3 Animations

    Ok. So on the next step on my journey, I have this model I want to animate it with Demonhunter model movements. How do I go about doing that? The only animation software I have atm is blender, I'd imagine it would be simple if I could just link key points to the model. There has to be an easier...
  9. Sapprine

    Can anyone give me a tutorial on the very basics and main features of modeling?

    So, I've been looking across hive, scouring for a basic tutorial on how to start modeling and how to create textures and animate customly made models and such. But all I'm finding is things like how to open/fetch models or how to edit excisting textures and mainly focus on excisting units and...
  10. Truespin Fishbrain

    Truespin Fishbrain and his stuff, too

    Hello there, Hive! I am all into modelling for warcraft again, and here's my WIP thread here: 2666 tris for now, lol Right now i am working as an animator and 3d artist, but i think that its time to pay attention for my hobby roots, i.e. Warcraft 3 modelling
  11. Captain Bacon

    Request - [Model] Simple White Floating Shapes

    Hello! I'm making a map with lots of Items, and there's three categories they fall in: Unit Items, Hero Items and Consumables (I don't nessesarily need a model for consumables). What I need is the shape that represents them on the map itself (the treasure chest by default), but something WHITE...
  12. lannheday

    Imported models' lighting

    Hello, Making a map with some models ripped from other games, I see that those models don't change when I toggle lighting on/off on the editor (I notice War3 models change their textures to become darker when night falls etc). So how can I add lighting behaviors to those models? To be precised...
  13. NorthwayFalls

    Modeling request?

    Hi guys! Im new here and i need a help. Can you make a model of a picture of an accretaian? So i can play it in warcraft? Thanks! The full set with the wapon and cape please! thanks so muc!:xxd::xxd:
  14. -Bliksem-

    Animation transfer error

    Hello everyone. I want to transfer a single animation from my model (called A.mdx) to the same model, but an older version (called B.mdx). Probably going to ask why, long ago accidentally erased an animation (Stand Ready) of B.mdx and I want put it back. Fortunately I have an auxiliary file...