model color

  1. coconut

    [Solved] change model color

    Change color of his clothes to yellow or multicolor for each clan color
  2. Dord96

    [SD/Modeling] high elven verstion of some custom assets

    hello in need some high elven verstion of some of the custom asstes there are for the blood elf in order to make my own verstion of the Scorge invation to Quel'thalas , the blood elven buildins and its icons , blood elven arcane guardian and icons , blood elven ballista and icons , blood elf...
  3. TheFireMage

    Recolor water elemental missile

    Hello everyone, thank you for coming to this thread I download a customizable effect (+ a tool) and I wanted to change color of the water elemental missile because it looks cool in different color. However, I do not know how. I read this thread but I could not extract the texture. Do you know...
  4. Henry_AC

    I request to change the color of the model (Solved)

    Hello! I want to request a change of color of this spell model please, to a red that matches this or resembles this Call of Dread. I chose this model, I think it is best suited for editing because the others came with a separate texture. These models belong to Mythic. :)