model change

  1. nanis

    Zaffar's Footman don't work

    version of game : v. - Footman - Hi, I hope someone can help me because the mod is not working and I don't know why. - It is a map created from World Editor with no modification except importing the model and the skin of the Footman.
  2. BladeMaster3 (TVWK)

    Importing models and skins

    Farewell folks sorry to bother you but since i am a frickin noob with the WE well when for example i want to import the kargath custom model by augur well i import the mdx then i put the model on rexxar but it doesnt work so i put the blp on icon art and it still doesnt work i dont know how to...
  3. McPhisto2051

    Changing a models texture

    Foreword The following video is primarily for those running older versions of Warcraft 3 as this is built in functionality as of Reforged.
  4. Cryze666

    [Spell] Flamestrike color? -> need help!

    So the basic idea was to create a green flamestrike version to fit the "fel-magic" theme. i exportet the model of flamestrike, looked up the textures its using, exported the textures and changed everythign to green, changed the paths of the green flamestrike to the green textures (see first...
  5. Wark

    A Wizard, Fanatic and Dwarf Engineer walk into a bar ...

    So, I need some help with changing a unit's model, then changing a different unit's color (and maybe animation). First, can someone take this Flagellent: Flagellant, and replace the pickaxe with this mace: Spiked Club by Sunchips If you can remove the gold/lumber/work animations to reduce the...

    Changing a model globally

    Is there a way to change a model so it will be in effect for official melee ladder? Other than custom games I also play in bnet's ladder in 4v4, and would like to change the hero models. I tried working on this years ago, and the most I could do is only changing the skin of a hero, but not the...
  7. Invisible Pink Unicorn

    Removing certain part of a model

    So i need to slightly alter the default skeleton mage model for my map. What i want to do is remove all the glowy green particle effects around the head and the wand. I'm trying to use the Magos wc3 model editor to achieve my goal. I managed to remove the glow around the head by removing geosets...
  8. hypsandar

    Changing unit models thru triggers?

    What if everyone starts with the same unit but i wanted to make the units change models depending on their randomly selected names? I'm updating a LOAP map, i want the players to look different from each other.