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  1. JC Helas

    Map with 12 player v1.27b

    Everytime i play my map with max player the round 2 is not proceeding why? I set the winning round when one team got survived then next round but error example: Unit dies set tid=GetPlayerTeam(GetOwningPlayer(GetTriggerUnit())) set Team[tid]=Team[tid]-1 set survivedteam=0 set winningteam=0 loop...
  2. HeuDevil

    Changing item Max Abilities

    Hello, im working on a new map from like 1 month, now when im making the items, i can make only 4 abilities for each item, how can i make more abilities for that item ?
  3. STomP1992

    How can I do more than 6 Forces?

    Hey guys :) I got this problem. I want 8 Forces with every time 3 players. I figured out there was a maximum of 6. I think I played many fun maps and in some of them you had more than 6.
  4. mohamy

    Base Attack Time Calculator

    Hi guys. I have an Idea for max attack speed that i used 0 base attack time for my hero , then i add negative attack speed ability to my hero to attack more reality. my question is : how to calculate base attack time with negative attack speed? i mean how much negative attack speed need to...