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  1. Goombah

    Texture Mapping endeavors not panning out, easier way? Please help.

    long time lurker, first time poster. so, after much trouble i was able to convert a model to a working .mdx/.mdl file but the texture no longer fit on the model and after an hour trying to texture map it, it came out bad. some parts were good, others not. i feel like it'd be impossible to get it...
  2. deepstrasz

    Concerns on the future of Reforged mapping

    So, I've been having this autistic chat with @Moonman (here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/media/emerald-nightmare-preview-2-0.128950/#comment-98277) [he's doing a wonderful job, by the way, supreme programmer bless his soul] and I've come to the obvious realization that mapping Reforged will be...
  3. Peach Schnapps

    480 x 480 Veryyy well (non-melee, RPG style) terrained map?

    Would anyone be willing to do this, or direct me to one by any chance? I know that it's a large request so feel free to kindly tell me to %$^& off :P
  4. Mr.Henci

    Melee Mapping Contest #3 - Results

    MELEE MAPPING CONTEST #3 - RESULTS Create a 4v4 melee map that excels in balance, terrain, dynamic, and creativity, while beeing suitable for the Warcraft III Reforged. 1st place: 30 reputation points 2nd place: 20 reputation points 3rd place: 10 reputation points Judges: 5 rep @WTii...
  5. Mr.Henci

    Next Melee Mapping contest Pre-disscusion

    Hello there! With Melee Mapping contest #3 soon comming to an end, we should start disscusion about the next one. Share with us your opinions, I and many more are looking forward to hearing what you have to say. The poll should represent the general theme, thus what types of map we want to...
  6. Mr.Henci

    Melee Mapping contest #3 - Poll

    MELEE MAPPING CONTEST #3 - POLL Create a 4v4 melee map that excels in balance, terrain, dynamic, and creativity, while beeing suitable for the Warcraft III Reforged. Each user can only vote once in the poll. Judges can't vote in the public poll You cannot vote for yourself. If a voter has...
  7. Mr.Henci

    Melee Mapping Contest #3 - 4 vs 4

    MELEE MAPPING CONTEST #3 Create a 4v4 melee map that excels in balance, terrain, dynamic, and creativity, while beeing suitable for the Warcraft III Reforged. No submission may violate any of the site rules. If a submission does not follow the map submission rules the creator will be...
  8. Mr.Henci

    Melee Mapping Contest #2 - Poll

    MELEE MAPPING CONTEST #2 Create a competitive 1v1 melee map that excels in terrain, dynamic, and creativity, but most importantly balance. Each user can only vote once in the poll. You cannot vote for yourself. If a voter has the same IP as the author then the vote will not be counted and...
  9. burnie

    [Mapping] Making a map with 4+ race

    How to make extra races work Hi guys, at first im going to say thad this, what is often here called is impossible, isnt impossible. It took me a lot of work to get extra races work with out replacing any normal race, but there are still some little things to fix like a the win/defeat condition...
  10. ThePhail

    Discord for mappers

    Hello! I'm ThePhail. I write on behalf of Sc2mapster.com. I'm not sure if this is the right subforum to post this in, but here I ho anyway. I've created a discord server for people who comes to sc2mapster. But we've agreed that everyone should be welcome to come and discuss everything related...
  11. stonneash

    Creating a random generated map at game start

    I looked around to see if anyone has done it, a randomly generated map every time the game starts based on an algorithm. Is it possible? is there anyone willing to help me make one?
  12. Eshkova

    Custom soundset & replacig sound Problems

    Hi there everyone, I have the following problem: none of the normal ways to replace an already existing unit soundset (AKA making a custiom one) actually work When i rightclick -> replace intern sound , its all fine for a moment until i save the map: then the replaced sounds aswell as the...
  13. PrinceOfThaWest

    Trigger/JASS Request

    Hello there. I am currently in the process of making a campaign, and there are some basics I want to do first before proceeding with the project. These basics I'll need will be essential for every map included in the campaign, and they are part of the default game-play I am planning to make...
  14. Kazeon

    Ultimate Map Development Guide - Boost up your development process!

    I. Intro Hi and welcome! Just a brief resumé, I (in the modding scene) am a big enthusiast of total-conversion maps. I'm also experienced in developing some big total-conversion map projects such as Garden's Tale, Glideon, Coconut Party, and EmberCraft. This thread is a one-stop solution for...