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magic immune

  1. jonathan ross

    Need help making life Drain affect Spell Immune, and some other spells

    I am aware that making an ability require level more than 1, 6 is what I'm using, makes the special effect, such as storm bolt stun or black arrow spawn work, but the spells themselves seem to not damage the target. is there a way to make these spells damage spell immune units, I have tried...
  2. DexterFstone

    Spell Immunity ability

    How to make Spell Immunity ability and when use add attack speed? I use Anti-magic shell and bloodlust ability but anti magic shell is remove buff bloodlust.
  3. Macadamia

    [Spell] Ultimate version of FlameStrike does not damage magic immune.

    Hello there ! I just finished making the last Ultimate AOE for my Flying Hero Builder. It is based on Flame Strike, with a custom "enhanced" model. It has the same targets allowed as all my other custom ultimates, and the same Level Required : 6. But for some reason, this one refuses to damage...
  4. Yahya

    Magic Resistance Ability using Items

    So I wanted to test out ghouls with a magic resistance ability they get a tier 2. Here's what I did tell me wht went wrong. What I did was use "Magic Defense" (Human Ability) and edit its value and tech tree requirements and placed it into the ghoul yet it doesn't apply in the game? (Option 1)...
  5. DoomMantia

    [Spell] Made an Ultimate from War Stomp/Thunder Clap, it stuns/slows Magic Immunes but doesn't damage them

    I've tried changing the Gameplay Constant "Gameplay - Magic Immunes Resist Damage" to "False" but it still doesn't damage them. It still stuns them or slows them down, so I don't think it's an issue with "Stats - Targets Allowed". I'm testing this on the creep units "Enraged Elemental" and...