local values

  1. TheFireMage

    [General] Localize an array in GUI

    Hello everyone, Like the title said, I want to localize an array variable in order to avoid too many variables because it's getting messed up. Thank you.
  2. DoomBlade

    [Trigger] Custom script local integer initialize value

    Might2 Events Game - PDD_damageEventTrigger becomes Equal to 0.00 Conditions (Level of Might (Completed) for PDD_target) Greater than 0 (PDD_target belongs to an enemy of (Owner of PDD_source).) Equal to True (Random integer number between 1 and 100) Less...
  3. Bloodheaven_

    [Solved] Can we sync local values from 1 Player to every other and how?

    Hey there, I'm currently experiencing desyncs in my map. I mostly think that they are caused by functions like these ones: Test Events Player - Player 1 (Red) issues Mouse Down event Conditions Actions -------- Example 1 -------- Set VariableSet Temp_Point...