1. Ricola3D

    Old map : why are some multi-level auras triggered ?

    Hello, I restarted developments from an old map (namely X Hero Siege 3.33). I noticed something strange in this map. The following auras: - Aura of Blight - Command aura - Life Regeneration Aura - War Drums Aura That are all coded the a strange way, always the same : - A "dummy" hero ability...
  2. Ofel


    I used this on my spell to set variables related with ability levels, so I want to share with you cuz I'm still unsure too about things like: is it okay to use this (create a unit) on map initialization? What's the best unit type to use? And is this effective? function GetAbilityMaxLevels takes...
  3. InSaNe_97

    Triggering exact hero?

    I need help, again... First to thank you everyone for supporting me and my work giving me great answers and what I ask for. Now I need some simple thing, I guessing it's doing in variables, I never before used it because it's so confusing to me. So what's exactly I need? I need make when hero...
  4. Fintrik

    Hero is stuck at 5th level

    I was today testing a hero and he was stuck at 5th level, he wasnt getting exps and exp bar was empty and it was just showing Level 5 Titan and number of exps he had was 1400 and it needed 2000 exps for next level. And the weirdest thing on it is and why i created this tread is in constants is...