level cap

  1. tough_zai

    [Role Playing Game] What is best Hero level cap for normal RPG game

    im asking the community on how much level cap should we really used to, for a normal rpg game,, i saw some post got 40- 60 i saw 99 and other just got a way more than a hundred... since having a high XP rate around which level of character will starts to slow down? can anybody enlighten me...
  2. Jeine

    Increasing level past 10,000

    Hi everyone. I wanted to ask, how to increase max level past 10,000, because this is the maximum game constants allow. Is there any mod for world editor or any other way to do this? Thanks.
  3. Togark

    Ability Level Cap?

    So I'm working on a map where the level cap for heroes is 20, and the abilities I've added thus far have 5 levels, and ultimates have 3 upgrades. Yet when I test out the map after I level basic abilities 3 times, I can't level them up a 4th/5th time. Same goes for the ultimate ability except for...
  4. War Chaser

    [Solved] Setting an individual level Cap

    Hello everyone, I'm working on a map based on the Legendary Gladiators series. The game revolves around a group of players in one team (The Gladiators) fighting increasingly strong waves in an arena, all being sent and monitored by a human player, the Imperial Director. At the begging of...