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  1. ZeroGravity

    Is this trigger causing my map to lag so hard?

    So my map has been lagging from time to time, probably due to a lot of enemies at once and this trigger moves the certain type of enemies. I suspect as this is the only periodic time trigger I have which moves a lot of unit at once, it may cause the massive lag but how do I fix it? Is this...
  2. HerlySQR

    Creep spawn system lags after a while when spawn a unit

    Hello, I made a creep spawn system, it worked fine, but for some reason from a certain point when creates the first creep, eventually the game lags a lot, and I don't know why, I can't just erase things until I don't get the problem, because almost everything is important to the system works, I...
  3. Ruvven

    [Trigger] Extreme Lag from ... what?? O.O

    Hello People of Hive, I once again require your assistance since i have something that works perfectly in one place but when i try to duplicate the effect in another place it causes extreme lag and freezes the game for several seconds Heres the trigger, can anyone help me figure out why this...
  4. KitsuneTailsPrower

    [vJASS] edit: Seems to be solved. Will repost if not Retro (Time rewind) variant causes progressivly worse lag

    edit: I've seemingly solved my issue: it seems to have been an unrelated bug Hello fellow modders, I am having an issue which I suspect is caused by one of the following libraries. As the title says, something about these two code snippets is causing lag that gets progressivly worse as the...
  5. Tom_Almighty1

    Question regarding heroes and leaks.

    I am using version 1.31, I understand that creating units make a permanent leak, so I have some questions that hopefully have an answer. I am making a large open world RPG so this might be crucial to the game. 1. Instead of using units for npc mobs, I created heroes and made them look like...
  6. Anton Wulff Jensen

    [General] How do I reduce lag on my map (Especially during combat)?

    So I've been working a long time on a huge RPG adventure map, and have started using a lot of triggers as well. I think I'm finally getting somewhat of a grip on the trigger-mechanics, however I am not too keen with what triggers that potentially could cause lag-spikes. Now when I'm testing the...
  7. HerlySQR

    [Solved] fix leaks

    Some time ago I had asked for help with this map, with which I eventually had lag, they told me it was due to memory leak, I did everything to solve that, but continue, could you tell me what else I am doing wrong please? (And by the way please also tell me your opinion of this map)...
  8. HerlySQR

    Editor gets lagged

    I know the map I making can lag, but why the editor?
  9. Cheshire

    [Solved] lag on "Exit program"

    hey there, The map I'm working on recently developed a strange and unpleasant habit - whenever I exit the map it lags for 10 - 20 seconds before exiting. I can't figure out what caused it, but assume this is a bad sign and shouldn't be ignored. I thought it was because of new triggers I had...
  10. Aliggan

    [Crash] Custom Map Issue: (FPS/Lag Crash)

    Howdy all, I have a problem and I was hoping y'all could lend a hand! First, forgive me - I am no expert in coding or computer terminology and will attempt to explain my issue as best as I can with the terms and knowledge I have. I have searched through dozens of forum posts (mostly dissimilar...
  11. CAAentertainment

    Reducing World Editor Lag (Trigger Editor GUI)

    Hello, I'm currently working on the classic World Editor for 1.30.1 Warcraft 3. I do not wish to switch to the Reforged Editor at the time. My map is quite large, I've been working on it for close to ten years now. As it has grown, the editor has become slower and slower to work with that it has...
  12. Upsidedownface

    [General] World Editor suddenly lagging/ not loading menus

    Hello, i was wondering if anyone might have any idea how to fix this... I was messing around, copy/pasting an upgrade description over multiple levels. But then I accidentally hit the wrong key and I think I must have turned on something this uses too much processing power because ever since...
  13. Dustuhala

    Really old map lagging. Probably memory leaks. Warcraft version 1.26

    Hello, I have been a longtime stalker of this beautiful website which helped me ALOT during the years. Much praise! My problem is the following: I have a map (very very old one) which I still play to this day. When I play it with my friends, it works perfectly. When I add 1-2-3 AIs max, it...
  14. Gumberbunbder

    Can Custom Models Cause FPS Drops?

    This may be a dumb question but can custom models cause FPS drops? Ive been noticing a map I've been working on has terrible FPS. I tried everything to find out the cause. Eventually I deleted all triggers and still the lag persisted. I started deleting units from the playable map area and...
  15. Gumberbunbder

    Why does this trigger destroy FPS

    Hello, is there a way I can make a trigger with the same function as the one below that doesn't take away 15-20 fps? I don't know too much about triggers and really nothing about jass. Should i change it so the floating text moves to a point instead of a unit and make TempPoint variable which I...
  16. Yours Truly

    Lag spikes in newer patches (1.31 , 1.31.1)

    Ever since I upgraded my Warcraft III to version 1.31, maps I play are constantly lagging out. I thought maybe 1.31 is a bit buggy, so I updated the version again to 1.31.1. The lag is still there. I have tried multiple ways to repair this issue: - Repairing the game - Using the "-graphicssapi...
  17. Peach Schnapps

    Does a 24 player(ORPG) on a 480 x 480 map have any chance of not lagging?

    Just curious if anyone has experience trying to run a large map with a group etc.
  18. Hazop


    After testing with a friend, my map has proven to be really laggy and I don't know why.. Can someone please check the map file and poke around?
  19. Oranki

    [Trigger] Stuttering Map Lag Problem

    Hello there. In map project I am participating, Crusade Over Europe, has stuttering map lag which seems to happen after game has run for around 45 minutes or more. The lag seems to get worse the more there are units and the lag ususally causes players to time out or even crash eventually. There...
  20. Baneful

    Help with trigger.

    the trigger i have is (Event When player owned unit is attacked/ condition: Attacking unit is equal to Units of type/ Action: set base damage of attacked unit to attacked unit +2) and i have one for each tower type so its creating MASSIVE lag. How can i keep the triggers but have a less laggy event?
  21. Shooterman56

    Periodic Map Lag

    Hello, The map I am currently working on is experiencing 2 kinds of lag. A lag spike during map initiation. Periodic small frame stops ~4 seconds I was planning on adding a cutscene to the start of the map, depending on the issue with initialization i'm not sure if it will help or hurt...
  22. SNIper of DARKness

    [General] Map Lag Issues

    Greetings hivers, I'm having a few problems with lag on my map, it only happens when there are a lot of units on the screen, vague but awfully true. In my opinion I don't think it's only one issue I can fix but an amalgamation of things. Still would like to know what is a professional's idea...
  23. KNEZ95

    [Altered Melee] PLEASE HELP!

    Hello fellow fans of World Editor, I recently made a map and I spent over 20 hours in desperate attempts to fix the problem I get. The map is still not completed and it is early Alpha/Beta version but the problem about it is that when I turn AI to play, no matter if there is 1,2 or 11 AI players...
  24. Mathayis

    [Spell] I'm a noob

    Hey there, I'm sorry for posting again on the same topic....But I'm desperately trying to figure out why my map is lagging so bad.. It only seems to happen when enemies cast spells, spells like Flame strike are the worst, or if one of my characters is poisoned... This only seems to happen late...
  25. Mathayis

    [Spell] Spell lag

    Hey there! I'm currently testing a map that I've been working on for a while now...and i'm starting to notice some major lag as the game goes on, after about 5 hrs in, whenever enemy's cast spells, spells such as flame strike, it lags sooo bad! It never use to be like this. the last time i...
  26. SSJ7107

    [Crash] Shadow Strike bug with Weep's GDD

    Hey guys, I kinda have this problem, I imported Weep's GDD but everytime I used a spell based on Shadow Strike.... it lags until the buff has ended its duration, I first thought it is because of my poor coding, but no, when I tried to disable the "GUI Friendly Damage Detection" trigger, it...
  27. Neruvatar

    [General] Game Lags Every Second

    When I test map (Ctrl+F9), and play the game, I found out the game lags around every second and resume speed. What could be causing it? I've checked there's no leak, except one "Pan Camera as..." which I've yet to resolve, but I didn't use that trigger either when I was playing. I couldn't...
  28. Unregret

    [Solved] World Edit/Trigger Editor - Lagging Problem - Skills based on Periodic Event

    Basically, those skills are leakless and simple. But if I use similar skills based on Period Event at the same time, the map will gonna be lag seriously. I really appreciate if someone can find a new method which works similarly to those skills but without lagging problem, of course. For...
  29. DatBoi

    [Crash] HUGE Lag when a unit dies.

    Everytime a unit dies in my map, i get a HUGE lag spike, 1-2 second freeze. I'm leaving the map file here in case someone tries to help me.
  30. redbaron4850

    Shared Control Abuse HELP!

    I have a problem with my map that recently arose and am not sure really where to post this. Basically the problem is that one player somehow spammed the "share control" button in F11 (allies) during a game causing massive lag and slowdown. I have locked resource trading alliance settings but...