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  1. McPhisto2051

    How to let a computer cast a spell until its finished?

    hello everyone :), I want a computer (player 21, I've tried neutral agressive before) to cast my customized death and deacay spell. This spell lasts 20 seconds. (I really want death and decay because of the % unit damage) I tried using a magician and now im using a lonely tower to cast the...
  2. JustTom

    Fixing Leak If Spell is Interrupted;

    I have created a working Mass Teleport ability out of Channel which requires no targets and teleports allies. I want to know how to clear the leaks in the second trigger if the spell is interrupted before it takes place. I have to use the variables that need cleared, which are setup in the first...
  3. Specialsaucewc

    [Solved] Custom Channel not interrupting

    I made a custom channel for a boss fight that was working when I made it but suddenly no longer functions properly and I am not sure why. Ability: Periodically an add will start channeling (using channel), after so many seconds if the add is still channeling then the add will kill itself and...