1. Mathayis

    *Solved* Signs for Inn, shops request

    Howdy there! Just wondering if anyone knew where I could find some sign models? I'm looking for something simple, perhaps a sign made out of wood that says "Inn" or " Weapon, armor shop" "Materials" Thanks! :D
  2. Skipper

    [Campaign] Tales from the Old Inn

    Tales from the Old Inn Is a campaign about three dwarves that met up and talk about old times, what could possibly go wrong? Backstory Our story is based in a land called Tuonela, where the winds are cold and the dawn is rare. There are no major factions. There are no wars between kingdoms...
  3. Zak17

    WoW Mage Tower and Lion's Pride Inn style model

    Hey guys, I was hoping that I wouldn't need to post here, but I can't seem to find anything on here that fits what I am looking for. I am trying to recreate Theramore for a campaign I am working on, and I need a model for the Inn and Jaina's Tower. I have been using the models from Mr. Bob's...