1. FluffyStuff

    [Campaign] Reforging Reforged

    Warcraft 3 Reforging Reforged Quick Overview [TLDR] I'm Mark, an experienced game developer, and an avid Blizzard fan. I want to take the existing WC3 reforged campaign and "reshoot" all the in-game cinematics. I want to create a similar feeling to what was shown in the original Culling of...
  2. Sayonara

    Achievement system (improvement for Warden project)

    Hello, Rufus! Let me try to explain how it will looks like (for me). I don`t know how hard it will be to create such system, so please do not hate me :p I don`t think that such kind of bonuses will be usefull. We are talking about interesting and hard challenges, but such bonuses as "Damage...