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  1. Lordliw

    [SD/Modeling] Clotaire's Lich King model

    Hi, I would like to make a request for Clotaire's famous Lich King model. Although, it was taken down for some reason, I'm unsure whether sharing models that were taken down is allowed. So feel free to let me know. If not, I would appreciate anyone who managed to get it to share it and it's...
  2. Dispatcher

    Importing Spell Model

    Hey guys so i found this really cool looking blood elven model of starfall which is called sunray caster and sunray target i have been trying to import this model but it doesn't appear i tried closing and reopening the world editor but it doesn't the the model can be seen in the left box where...
  3. ElevatorEleven

    Is it possible to transfer custom sound sets between maps?

    Been working on and off as a hobby on a set of maps all using the same set of characters for the past few years. Recently made a bunch of custom sound sets for many of them. Previously I'd had to replace each internal sound file one by one for every unit in every map, so I was very excited last...
  4. Reinhold

    [Import] Importing other models into my map

    I seem to have trouble with this. I found for example an Impact.mdx that's like Finger of Death, but it's blue, instead of red. I tried to insert it into my map. It worked, but the effect doesn't show anymore. Is there any other way for the effect to show right?
  5. matin45

    [Import] Invisible unit models

    Every time I tried to import and use a model that has blp file, my units in game were invisible. Why?
  6. ice_cold_killer

    [Import] Error - Import failed: can't copy from C:\Users ...

    HELP! I am running it as administrator and for some reason I can't import any files and I thought perhaps I had to many imports on the map so I deleted one and tried to put one over it, and it still didn't work please help I am so stuck When I trying to import a model I get this error Error...