1. AngelCraft

    [JASS/AI] An Attack (Missile type) that does not generate alerts to the enemy. (Tutorial still in testing )

    The method: It is simply based on the Barrage ability, which you can use on a unit that has a missile-type attack. The Barrage ability will only take effect on one unit, and this will be the same unit that attacks (Self). Using a damage system like Bribe's, you can see that the attacking unit...
  2. Kazakh

    Make the ai ignore creeps

    I have a weird problem. There are 3 ai on my map, 2 of which aren't ignoring the creeps, whereas the third one is doing so. The 2 ai go to a creep location like if they wanted to kill the creeps, but they don't attack them because i made them treat neutral hostile as neutral. I've done the same...