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icon for models

  1. Nortander

    [HD/Misc] Reforged quality-like Val'Kyr icon

    Hello there! :vw_love: I am using the Dark Val'Kyr model from WoW in several maps and even a campain of mine, and I could really use of an icon for it. Could you make one? I only play Reforge now so it should be high quality (that's why I'm not taking the few that already exist on the Hive)...
  2. Lazarator

    Invisible Model(s) and Icon(s)

    Hello everybody! :) I hope you're having a great day, because I'm not. This modelling is giving me quite a headache. :( Recently I've been making a map and I just can't seem to make some models and icons work. Not all models and icons doesn't work for me. In fact, most are working fine...
  3. TheFireMage

    [Classic Icon, Pathing Map] Icon for a model and Pathing Map

    Can someone make an icon for this model? And a blue pathing maps for gates, both horizontal and vertical please? I thank you in advance. Edit: I learned how to make icons and made my own icon now, here's the icon if anyone want it for the model I mentioned. Still learning how to make pathing...
  4. tdrsmynm

    Icon Request

    Hello! im trying to create a new map and I am lacking in icons and i dont have the knowledge to create original ones. I wish to know if you take requests. and if the answer is yes i will give you the link of the models which i need icons for. Thanks a lot. And i will credit you Models...
  5. loktar

    Screenshot Icons Done Properly

    In this tutorial, I will show you my simple process in four easy steps for creating a screenshot icon that doesn't look (too much) like a screenshot icon. This tutorial uses and assumes basic knowledge of GIMP and Magos' Model Editor. Other tools will probably work just as well (just don't...
  6. hakonwarcraft


    I am making a campaign where Turalyon, Alleria windrunner is the main characters, where I want to focus on them joining the Grand Army of the Light. What I do need for this campaign is a holy dreadlord Icon for High Commander Lothraxion. Also a lightforged draenei (with a sword and a shield)...
  7. stan0033

    ICON REQUEST: Need Icons for models!

    These models that I use do not have icons, or their icons are lame: Hero Darkhunter Tidal Lord Demon Knight Inferno Knight Faerie (in blue) Can someone/some people make nice icons for them? I see here a lot of skilled icon makers. Would be pleased to see contributions from various people here.