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  1. BigMacNCheese

    [Solved] Hostile Limitation

    Hello, can i ask how can i limit the hostile that has been created and roaming around the map by 10 and where it wouldn't affect a boss hostile? Hope anyone could help me with it
  2. WidescreeN

    All Neutral Hostile Units regen health when unengaged

    Hello guys, I am in a pickle. I'm trying to make that every 30 second of the game, a trigger checks if ANY neutral hostile unit is attacking or being attacked, if they are, nothing happens, but when they are not doing anything (nor attacking or being attacked) they gain an ability which i...
  3. bruunk

    [Spell] Neutral Hostile units don't respond to dummycasters damage

    Hi, So, for instance, I have a spell that will summon 3 dummycasters and shoot out what's basically carrion swarm(which uses point targeting). However, and I have found this to happen with most dummycaster abilities, if used on neutral hostile units the damage will affect them but they will not...