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  1. BrothForMyPeople

    Project Revolution files upload

    Last times I had gotten Project Revolution very old demo. I explored the mod's model files and with hard work of mine I was managed to extract and collect the best models (and textures for them of course) then I categorized them carefully. So, I am in possession of a pack of very useful...
  2. Knight of Arsford

    Favorite Single Player Maps in the Hive

    As the title says, what are some of your favorite single player maps in the Hive?* *It can be multiplayer, so long as it can be played solo My all-time favorite is Real Life For Morons, but right now I've been enjoying the small gem of a map Northshire Abbey.
  3. W

    Topic/play: What do you do (or "is your story") at The Hive Workshop?

    What do you do at Hive/What is your story at Hive? I enter the dungeon-style jungle to find a way to the cave or to the hive family., throughout the ancient nature of the wilds. Note: not exactly what you do; a simple topic for just the play/playing. It (the word 'do') can be did as well, but...
  4. Otherknownoise

    Find some hive melee maps on Netease Platform

    Excuse me, may i ask if some melee authors or hive activities related to Netease? Why i see some hive maps on netease platform? If not, please encrypt your melee maps in case Netease steal it! These are examples-- Netease: HIVE:
  5. FeruEnzeruJKun

    Windows 10 Emoji / Emoticon Bugs on HIVE

    hi, i was trying to see if the Windows 10 emoticons/emojis [e.g: (it disappears after saving)] work on the HIVE Workshop (posts, profile posts, status updates, media, media comments, etc :cconf:) site, suddenly, they disappear meaning they don't work due posting/saving. it does that while...
  6. Loki18

    Hive's Model Viewer won't load

    why model viewer (even the BETA one) wont load a thing? ive waited for 10 minutes still nothing so i doubt its my internet connection. any ideas??
  7. Trakya

    Introducing Hive WE vs W3 Remastered

    A big conversation about WC3 remaster spawned off the Hive WE announcement. Most off topic posts have been moved here. I don't get the hype feeling. Blizzard Entertainment already working to remaster WarCraft III and its editor. I'd rather wait for the Blues original Editor than customized one...
  8. deepstrasz

    Wc3-maps.ru resource theft?

    So, I just stumbled upon something on the site mentioned in the title, the fact that models by authors on our site are there: Модели для Warcraft 3 » Страница 2 Question is, since it's a Russian site in Cyrillic, are they actually taken from the HiveWorkshop and uploaded there or do the authors...
  9. stonneash

    Member Description list?

    I see that it says that I am a well-known member. What are the other automatic descriptions and how are they achieved?
  10. stonneash

    Hive Friends and Hive Browser App, a suggestion.

    Suggestion: 1. Hive Friends: A chat app that has the following features: -Allows you to chat with members -Allows you to follow and unfollow memebers -Send notifications for PM/VM's 2.Hive Broswer App with the following features: -Browse resources and forums -Comment and edit posts -preview...
  11. PrinceYaser

    Moon View

    Just another terrain... Comments and crits would be appreciated of course.
  12. Sheephunter

    What is hives stance on models and textures from inactive artists?

    This is some questions I have regarding hives view on models and textures. If the artist of a model for a map and the creator of the map have both been inactive for lets say 2-3+ years, can anyone else re upload those resources giving only credit to the creator, or are we strict with hives...
  13. deepstrasz

    Contest (+polls) announcements flagrantly visible plus notification?

    Please? :D If it's possible for them to be bigger or something, that would be neat.
  14. OzanVengenace

    Hello Hive!

    Hello Hive! I'm New Here! But, I hope I can be more good on WarcraftIII Mapping!:ogre_haosis:
  15. deepstrasz

    deepstrasz' music

    Hey people. If you like music check my youtube channel out and maybe you'll find something that comforts your ears. deepstrasz [/spoiler] :goblin_yeah: Hope you'll enjoy.
  16. The Hive


    ¿ザ・ハイヴウォーズ . . I am The Hive .
  17. S

    Hello, friends!

    :spell_breaker:Hello, friends! I'm so glad that I have many friends from all over the world. I think we are going to be good frineds in the future. www.ancamel.com, it's my home page, if you are interested in it, please visit it anytime! Thank you!
  18. Godslayer

    Hi Hive

    I´m used hive/wc3sear.ch for long time to learn about the editor and load custom models, now i decidet to take some of the stuff i created online.
  19. Fummy

    Hive Lovers!

    Hi im Fummy i use the models and icons on this site for the maps i make. its a big help :smile: i love the hive! :wink:
  20. Devine

    Hive addiction

    how addicted are you to Hive? You wont trade it for nothing? How much % of your PC time are you actively busy in the hive? (its not like you have to time it, just guess. Ull know the anwser)