hero revival

  1. BigMacNCheese

    [General] Revival System

    Hello, can i ask for help? How to make revival system in 2 types, Hope anyone could help me with it.
  2. Warseeker

    [AI] Enemy Heroes Revive At Level 1 ? (Patch 1.30.4) [SOLVED]

    Hello, I'm experiencing a strange bug on patch 1.30.4 where enemy heroes controlled by the AI restart from level 1 after they are resurrected even if they are already leveled up. Example : I have a level 5 hero, when that hero dies and then gets resurrected at the altar, he becomes level 1...
  3. .DotQ

    Hero Revive

    Hero that revive in a certain place of what your team located like DOTA With a timer window
  4. CampScouter

    [General] Hero Revival System

    So now, I'm currently working on hero revival system, and I just got the craziest idea: here is it The Array of the Countdown Timer is 10 so that when a unit Dies, it enters the Player number of the owner which is from 1 to 10. This is an automatic system HAHAHAHA For the Revival: So, I...