gold bounty

  1. Thepriest1750

    [Trigger] Trigger help defining with bounty of creeps for extra levels for the map Legion TD 3.42 unprotected

    Hello, I need some help with some triggers with Legion TD 3.42 unprotected. I have edited the Legion TD 3.42 unprotected map that I have downloaded (great map as most knows !) but my brother and i and a few friends play this map almost every week on lan and i found the unprotected one and we...
  2. Nain910

    Shared Bounty, How to do it?

    Hello everyone, i'm doing an rpg map, and for balance reasons, i would like to add a shared bounty system, giving the possibility to the supports to also gain gold, i tried a trigger (The trigger is in the image) that seems to do not work, do you guys know a way to make it? SharedGoldTrigger...
  3. bruunk

    [Trigger] Triggered damage not giving bounty gold

    Can someone tell me why this doesn't give any gold when a unit is killed by this method, despite it clearly saying "The source unit gets credit for kills resulting from this damage" please? This is the trigger: SC SkyBarrage Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability...