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  1. AtivEnergy

    [General] Exchange item system with gates

    Greetings folks! I've made a new exchange item system, but i think is just impossible to make it perfect with all my requiremets.. So.. I wonder if you can tell me if what i want is possible or not.. I tried multiple times, but seems to be impossible. I.You only need to exchange those 2...
  2. Arkaine0rmus

    Creating buildable gates

    Hello everyone, I have a problem concerning the new world editor. I am currently making a large RTS game with several custom races and I am wanting to add constructable gates and have tried a couple methods from the forums here on hive, and they have worked in the past. One in particular...
  3. Euskaltano

    [Trigger] Help with opening gates with levers

    Hi everyone! Thanks in advance for your help! I have a gate on a fortress, and inside the fortress I have two levers. On one lever I have a trigger that when the lever dies, the gate will open and the lever will resurrect. The other lever closes the gate. This system works just fine, and I can...
  4. Daniel Cuomo

    [Trigger] Open/Close Gate Bug

    Hi Everyone, I just got back into Warcraft 3 after like 8 years. I've been playing around with the editor making my own maps and such. I have this issue where once a unit triggers the gate to open it wont close. I have it set so that once the gate is destroyed the open and close triggers no...
  5. Chaos Omega


    I just wanted to make a couple triggers that could make the gate open for a specific players' units when they pass(possibly with regions), don't close on it's own units when one of them passes, and when it "Closes" doesn't automatically "Heals" itself. When I manage to do one of these I just...
  6. Alok

    How to create buildable and viable walls, gates and switchable lantern posts

    How to create buildable and viable walls, gates and switchable lantern posts This is a detailed tutorial on how to create buildable and viable walls, gates and switchable lantern posts. There are numerous ways and numerous variations of doing this. I am going to show you one of the simpler...