1. EnigmaX

    [Gallery/Unfinished] Arthas - Death Knight

    Polygons with- LQ skulls: 2620 HQ skulls: 3040 created by EnigmaX Project due date: 7/10/21 ~ Thanks for watching. [Gallery/Unfinished] Arthas - Maw Wanderer & Maw Escaper
  2. 8512590215848

    I am back

    And here is my new piece of messy sht
  3. BossGengar

    BossGengar's Model W.I.P Gallery

    Hey! I haven't been really active in modelling, but I've gotten back on track! This'll be where I put my W.I.P pictures and such. I used to do individual threads for each model I made, but this will be much easier and more accessible than that. Bongo Bongo model can be found here Skull...
  4. stonneash

    Gallery: stonneash's Models

    Here I will have my collection of Warcraft III models. Unless specified otherwise, All these models are: Completely by me Uses Warcraft III Textures Is stored on my hard drive Note: If you'd like to use any of these models, or if you have a requests, feel free to vm/pm me. (New!)Project...