1. Verdun

    ALIEN PLANET - Wayne Barlowe's EXPEDITION (Demo)

    Here it is, finally: Based on the book by Wayne Barlowe, in this open world type map you will be part of the 2358 A.D. Expedition to the alien planet of Darwin IV, exploring the planet in your trusty Hovercone aircraft as you see fit, while observing- and gathering data on local lifeforms. The...
  2. Thiiago

    [SD/Texturing] [ texture ] Just an colone texture for Human Peasant texture model

    I'm working on a futuristic and space project, Sci-Fi... I just need an skin for Human Peasant unit, based in this image: Note¹: Dont need matter with head, with the "body" Note²: if it's a lot of work, you don't have to!! But if the "green" parts of the outfit could be TeamColor, that would...
  3. SoulGuardianHero

    Here is my Science fantasy warcraft starfinder campaign.

    Here is the Backstory The year is 364 AAD (After Azeroth destruction) long ago on the planet of azeroth during the war for azerite the alliance and horde were lock in war darnassus & exodar once proud cities of the alliance have fallen to the horde and silvermoon & undercity once proud cities...
  4. Discovery Of Osiria

    Discovery Of Osiria

    My final Submission for the 19th Terraining Contest. Link and detailed info here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/terraining-contest-19-aftermath.310172/page-9#post-3314350
  5. Thiiago

    [Texture editor] An futuristic colone project.

    Hi, I'm currently working on a future-themed project, but I do not know anything about texture editing (actually, I'm awful at designer), okay. On my map you have 5 types of "settlers" or you can call them Units as well. - Medic: for aid wounded members - Biologist: for aid with colone food...
  6. RG00

    [Minigame] Space Invaders

    The full version is out, check it out!