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fps drops

  1. coconut

    FPS drops after 1.36

    I have bad fps after 1.36, 30-50 fps, but before always 70+, what happened? also big drops when a lot of casting spells on screen. how to fix it????????
  2. erfanmola

    Warcraft Reforged (Classic GFX) FPS Problem

    Hi, I'm facing Low FPS In Warcraft Reforged Classic GFX, I'm aware that game menu is a chromium and uses on-board GPU, I'm not talking about the menu, I'm talking about the game itself Here is my specs : OS: Windows 11 Pro RAM: 16GB RAM CPU: i7 11370H GPU: RTX 3060 Monitor: 3440x1440@144HZ And...
  3. katya18

    Memory leaks with timers

    Hello guys. I have map 2d platformer, I wrote lots of scripts that make computers complete levels of this game kind of perfectly For all that scripts I used sort of Movement API(created by me) from the original map and LOTS AND LOTS OF TIMERS So, for example how part of my script looks like...
  4. Aliggan

    [Crash] Custom Map Issue: (FPS/Lag Crash)

    Howdy all, I have a problem and I was hoping y'all could lend a hand! First, forgive me - I am no expert in coding or computer terminology and will attempt to explain my issue as best as I can with the terms and knowledge I have. I have searched through dozens of forum posts (mostly dissimilar...
  5. Gumberbunbder

    Can Custom Models Cause FPS Drops?

    This may be a dumb question but can custom models cause FPS drops? Ive been noticing a map I've been working on has terrible FPS. I tried everything to find out the cause. Eventually I deleted all triggers and still the lag persisted. I started deleting units from the playable map area and...
  6. Gumberbunbder

    Why does this trigger destroy FPS

    Hello, is there a way I can make a trigger with the same function as the one below that doesn't take away 15-20 fps? I don't know too much about triggers and really nothing about jass. Should i change it so the floating text moves to a point instead of a unit and make TempPoint variable which I...
  7. Athur12A2

    [Solved] FPS drops with loop in MUI spells

    Up until now, I have always done MUI spells with array method and periodic timer (0.03125s). A friend told me it is make w3 run multiple loops O(n) by running integer loop, creating+destroying groups, which greatly causes Fps drop. I tested it with a simple CUSTOM spell and it went down from 55...