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  1. Carlos.X

    FDF file vscode syntax extension and color4wc3text

    War3Fdf Support text color highlighting and automatic function supplement install: demo: color4wc3text This is a vscode extension Makes the string prefix of Warcraft 3 recognized and modified by the color picker Support Lua, wurst, jass and other file structures Demo QQ's discussion...
  2. Reinhold

    [Spell] Extending Trueshot Aura

    I thought why not make the aura regain the Priestess' health and mana(a bit)? I did the coding myself: Trueshot Aura advantage for PotM Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions (Unit-type of (Attacking unit)) Equal to Priestess of the Moon ((Attacking unit)...
  3. pyf

    Download YouTube Videos as MP4 is gone?!

    Anybody knows why ialc removed Download YouTube Videos as MP4 from AMO? (backup from archive.org)
  4. Anachron

    [Solved] Issue with statics and struct children

    Aim: Have two different children structs that have their own static objects. What happens: When trying to set the children statics it will overwrite for all other parent children. The code above prints "Test: 2 :: 2". I was looking for a way to make this "Test 1 :: 2" library Test initializer...
  5. blufflegendaire

    Complete Inventory Extension GUI

    Hello I'm working on some inventory extension (in GUI) for a map I'm still trying to build for my friends and I. Whatever the map is, depending of the camera's settings and the positionning of the elements, you can create something like: Actually you can add new items, new stacks of items...