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engineering upgrade

  1. theRealBerg

    [Spell] Engineering Upgrade and Channel Placeholder HELP

    Hello ladies and gents! I seem to have run into a problem where the selected ability SHOULD replace the placeholder's tooltip and icon accordingly. But it does not. The selected ability still works but it has the channel animation and tooltip merged. So it seems.. What can I do to fix this...
  2. theRealBerg

    Channel Ability half broken after forced reforge patch

    Hello people! I have been working on a project for a long time now (over a year), but ran into a problem the other day. Setup: Your Hero chooses an ability from a list. For this I use a placeholder (channel ability), the actual ability and the engineering upgrade ability that allows the...
  3. Rykon-V73

    Help! Enginnering Upgrade is hardcoded!

    I wanted to remove the buff from this spell. I made a new one, based on the spell from the title, but no matter what I do, the spikes are still there. I removed the buffs, I changed the buff effects. Nothing. Is there no way to use this spell?