1. Knight of Arsford

    Creep Not Dropping Items

    In my project, there's this one particular creep that wasn't dropping items like it should be. It's just the custom item table drop like the rest of the creeps, but its drops are inconsistent. For context, before the creep turns hostile, I set it as neutral passive. Now when the sequence ends...
  2. NickGreefpool

    [Solved] Problem with Item Dropping Heroes

    I'm making a Hero Arena of sorts and i have a trigger for making players get an item after an elapsed time. The problem is that sometimes the items seem to dropp (i'll expand on this). The items are listed as 'not dropped when the hero dies'. Listing the items as 'Not Droppable' didn't help...
  3. stan0033

    [General] Error Tooltip Missing

    When I made my item undroppable "error tooltip missing" appeared instead of "Unable to drop item" I looked at game interface and the message was there. Then why it says it is missing? Have anyone had this before? How can I fix it?